Genevieve Woods

Art Teacher

Passionate Artist, craftswoman, Skilled Marketer, Designer, Creative Content Creator and Early Childhood Educator.

Genevieve Woods is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional with a passion for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). With 18 years of experience in the field, she currently owns and operates Pip Squeaks Playhouse, a daycare center in Nelson BC that serves the community. Genevieve holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education from North Island College in British Columbia and a certificate in ECCE Leadership from the British Columbia Early Childhood Educators Registry. She follows the Emergent Curriculum method, which emphasizes child interest-led education to promote children’s passion for learning and foster their curiosity.

In addition to her impressive experience in ECCE, Genevieve is also a skilled marketer and content creator. She runs Conifer Content Co., a company that specializes in creating engaging and effective digital content for various clients. With four years of experience in marketing and content creation and a Certificate in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute, Genevieve is proficient in various skills and platforms such as Web design, photography, Digital Design, Canva, and a plethora of AI platforms.

Genevieve has spent her entire life pursuing artistic endeavors of all kinds and before diving into the digital world, she came to the Nelson community to attend the Kootenay School of the Arts, with a lifetime of artistic endeavours and a diploma in Jewellery and Small Craft Design from KSA, she serves the Kootenays with her various skills and adds a unique perspective to her work. Her creative approach to every challenge she faces allows her to incorporate innovation and imagination into her approach with children and clients alike.