The School

Welcome to Nelson Studio 88

Nelson Studio 88 provides space and inspiration for children, parents, friends and family to connect, explore and fulfill their creative potential. Instruction in piano, art, guitar, violin, ukulele, songwriting and voice, writing, photography, theatre and yoga is all offered.

The school is a community that establishes a sense of belonging and is a place where people of all ages can come together to inspire one another, fulfill their needs and share a connection through the arts.

The beautifully renovated Legion building that has served Nelson’s community since 1910 houses the new school. When Greg Malpass sold his business in 2022, he approached his sister Ellie to discuss how the building could continue to benefit Nelson’s community.

“Turning away piano students when I didn’t have room over the years and being aware that there is a demand for other arts instruction, ” Ellie, the school’s founder and director says, “I knew there was a need for a multi-discipline space where our community can pursue their musical, artistic and performance dreams.

Our inspired team is truly connected to all facets of this little mountain town and looks forward to welcoming you into Nelson’s new arts school.”