Creative Kids’ Parties at Studio 88

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 Creative Kids’ Parties at Studio 88! 🎶
🌟 What We Offer:
•Art Extravaganza: Unleash your inner Picasso! Our art parties let kids explore colors, shapes, and imagination. Led by our talented Studio 88 instructors, they’ll create masterpieces to take home.
•Snap & Smile: For little shutterbugs, our photography parties are a flash of fun! Capture candid moments, learn basic photography skills, and snap memories that’ll last a lifetime.
•Musical Mayhem: Calling all mini maestros! Our voice & music production parties groove to the beat. Sing, dance, and harmonize—it’s a symphony of joy!
🎂 Birthday Bash Details:
•When: Saturdays or Sundays, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (all year round)
•Age Group: 5 years and up
•Duration: Party activity + 30 minutes of celebration time
•Bonus: Each participant takes home their own project!
🎈 What to Bring:
•Decorations:  Jazz up the room with signs, streamers, and balloons.
•Yummy Treats:  Fuel those creative minds with your choice of tasty snacks & treats.
•Tableware: Plates, cutlery, and napkins—because art and music make us hungry!
🎁 Host Duties:
•Arrive 15 minutes early to sprinkle magic dust (aka decorate).
•Serve up smiles, food, and refreshments during the 30-minute celebration.
•After the party, tidy up like a pro—leave the room sparkly!
Let’s turn your child’s special day into a masterpiece! 🎨📸🎶